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18 February 2020

2.75M EU grant for STEP4WIND

Project STEP4WIND aims at increasing the commercial readiness level of floating offshore wind energy.

03 February 2020

Kick-Off DEI 2.0

On 29 January Kornelis Blok took over the role as Chair for the Delft Energy Initiative (DEI). Rector Magnificus Tim van der Hagen applauded Paulien Herder for her achievements as Chair for the last 6.5 years. DEI will forward here work with 4 main energy pillars and has chosen 4 new themes to help them grow.

29 August 2018

Delft biotech pioneer Mark van Loosdrecht receives Stockholm Water Prize

Professors Mark van Loosdrecht (Delft University of Technology) and Bruce Rittmann (Arizona State University) will both receive the 2018 Stockholm Water Prize today for revolutionizing water and wastewater treatment. By developing microbiological processes in wastewater treatment, they have demonstrated the possibilities to cut costs, reduce energy consumption and even recover chemicals and nutrients for recycling.

22 May 2018

Marina van Damme scholarschip for research to ocean energy

14 May 2018

Energy for Refugees (EFR)

We are Energy for Refugees (EFR), consisting of seven international TU Delft students, doing our masters in Construction, Civil Engineering and Sustainable Energy Systems. The situation in the refugee camps urges us to stand up and use our capabilities and knowledge to provide sustainable solutions. We need you for the execution: help us save camp PIKPA by donating!