Alumni stories

Reijn van der Eijnde

Graduated: 2012
Employer: Spyker Cars
Position: Development Engineer

I started Aerospace Engineering at Delft University in 2004, with a great interest for these studies, but not having defined a clear goal what I wanted to do after graduation. All I knew was that the career perspectives of an Aerospace Engineer were, and still are, very good and broad. During my education I learned that I had a greater interest in aviation over space. For this reason I choose the Master Systems Engineering and Aircraft Design (currently known as Flight Performance and Propulsion).

This Master gave me opportunity to develop my skills in solving multidisciplinary design problems. Furthermore I experienced the freedom of choosing quite a number of additional courses in this curriculum, being able to focus my expertise. In my case I further developed my programming and optimizing skills in several courses.

After graduation I chased a job in the automotive sector, building on my experience as team leader of the Nuon Solar Team. After a short period of applying for jobs I received an offer of Spyker Cars and started working as a development engineer. Although cars and aircraft might seem worlds apart, aerospace technology is applied more and more in the automotive sector. But of greater importance, in my opinion, is that I can apply my engineering problem solving skills I learned throughout my studies at Aerospace Engineering in Delft.

I believe engineering, and specifically Aerospace Engineering, will prove to be a solid basis for a challenging job in almost any sector you could think of. It is only up to you to decide which direction you want to go.... 

Huub Timmermans

Graduated: 2013
Employer: NLR
Position: Research & Development Engineer

My name is Huub Timmermans and I have studied the master program System Engineering and Aircraft Design, with my thesis research focused on Multidisciplinary Design Optimization. My master thesis research was in cooperation with a European project called ‘RECREATE’ where research institutes (among them NLR and DLR), universities and businesses work together to investigate a pioneer idea that is based on a cruiser-tanker air transport concept.

What attracted me most in the program of System Engineering and Aircraft Design was the fact that it focusses on aircraft design in total. Both structural and aerodynamic disciplines are involved and combined, which is essential for design studies. Of course, during my master there are also possibilities to follow courses and/or projects of other master tracks. For example, I’ve done research in the hypersonic wind tunnel, investigating transition from laminar to turbulent flow using rough elements.

Currently I am working at the National Aerospace Laboratory (NLR) as Research & Development Engineer. One of the many things I like in my job is that I can continue my research within the RECREATE project. Over time I am getting involved in many other projects, for example the collaboration project TAPAS2 with Airbus. As a young aircraft engineer I believe that at the NLR you can develop and learn a lot, while using knowledge obtained during your Aerospace studies. Working together with many experienced engineers makes every day very interesting and educational. 


Geert Mulder

Graduated: 2011
Employer: KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
Position: Manager Bagage Handling

Along the course of my Bachelor in Aerospace Engineering at Delft University of Technology, I discovered that I am not only interested in engineering. I therefore took the opportunity to broaden my personal development during this period in multiple ways (by participating in a fulltime board-year, by doing an internship in the USA and by founding my own company outside the aerospace industry). I really appreciate the Delft student environment, where both fellow students as the university stimulate these kinds of activities.

As I continued my studies and started my master in Design, Integration and Operations of Aircraft and Rotorcraft (focus track on Optimization of Flight Operations), I concluded that my future job should have elements of working with (all kinds of) people, processes and management – based on the extracurricular experiences I gained.

But before I applied for a job that met my requirements, I started my graduation project at the National Aerospace Laboratory (NLR) in Amsterdam. This research in the field of Air Traffic Management looked in a new way of performing "Continuous Descend Approaches" during peak at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. Executing a for me challenging research project containing a complex simulation was for me one of the main drivers to choose for this specific topic.

During my graduation research I applied for the 2-year general management traineeship at KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. For me, this job was the perfect combination between my desire to work with teams an processes from a managerial perspective and the industry – aviation.

Recently, I started my first job after the traineeship wherein I am as a manager responsible for a Bagage Handling Unit at Schiphol. My unit employs 340+ colleagues in multiple hierarchical layers and I am as a manager responsible for operational performance, budget, proces optimalisation, (environmental) safety, and various organizational changes and projects.