Career opportunities

Over 80% of our students carry on with a Master's degree programme after completing the Bachelor's programme.

With a Master’s degree in Aerospace Engineering, the world is your oyster. You will also be in demand outside the aerospace industry, for example with banks or in the consultancy industry, worldwide.

No fewer than 88% of Master’s graduates find suitable employment within six months of graduation with approximately 40% of these graduates actually working for companies in the aerospace industry. Examples of such companies are Airbus, NASA, KLM, Schiphol and Boeing.

The remaining 60% find employment with technology companies in other sectors, such as Shell, Siemens, BMW, Philips, TNO and Ferrari, or with consultancy firms such as McKinsey & Company and the Boston Consulting Group, and with banks such as ING and Goldman Sachs. These companies are always looking for people with advanced analytical skills and they have good experiences with aerospace engineers. Starting your own business is also an option.

Completing the PhD

Are your interests in the field of research? Then you may consider entering the academic side of the field after obtaining your Master's degree. This usually starts with doctoral research, which may be in the same line as your Master’s thesis. 

The Faculty of Aerospace Engineering has divided the research into four fields:

Starting work

What potential jobs could you do? Technical engineer, strategic consultant, manager, technical consultant, control technician or commercial engineer. There are also alumni who combine a job as a pilot with a job as an engineer. In addition, there are opportunities outside of aerospace engineering. Your technological insight and excellent analytical and numerical skills are in high demand in many sectors. Many graduates find their way into management positions. In addition, small companies are often formed from educational projects, graduation work or research projects. See the Spin-off page for more information.

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