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It is impossible to imagine our society without air and space travel. Do you have any idea how many people and goods are transported by air every year? Do you know how satellite navigation works? Why does a Formula 1 car have wings and how do they work? How do you design an aircraft that can fly even faster, higher and better?

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Aerospace Engineering

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The Aerospace Engineering (AE) programme is for people who dare to ask these kind of questions. People who really want to know how to make progress through the use of technology, and who are curious about seemingly unsolvable problems. Right from the onset, you will work on all of the disciplines of aviation, space travel and earth observation, whether it is testing aerodynamics in wind tunnels, calculating the course of satellites, testing materials in laboratories or designing a revolutionary helicopter. You will acquire this basic technical knowledge while using aeroplanes, rockets and satellites as your objects of study. In addition to this, business administration and systems engineering are major components of the programme. After all, developing a product might be one thing, but marketing it cost-effectively is just as important.

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