Study Costs

Studying costs money; there is no way around this. Apart from paying tuition fees and buying books, lecture notes and handbooks, you will have to allow for rent, insurance and shopping for your daily needs.

Tuition fees

Tuition fees are set each year in accordance with the law. Information about tuition fees can be found here.

Computer and software

TU Delft offers you a wide range of hardware and software, as well as granting you access to both the wired and the wireless network. The wired network is particularly useful if you are working with large files. Through the University’s laptop project you can buy a laptop at a discount and download a wide range of software at competitive prices.

Laptop required

The building of the Faculty of Architecture, Urbanism and Building Sciences has been equipped for laptop use. First year bachelor students are required to buy a laptop. TU Delft has a laptopproject, which enables you to buy a suitable laptop with widely used software relevant to the degree for a good price. This also gives you free access to hardware and software support.

Other expenses

You need materials for hand drawing, form studies and design projects. The ‘starter pack’ costs 140 euros. There will be additional expenses on materials throughout your studies.

In addition to tuition fee and material costs, you have to take into account costs for books and manuals. These can be purchased at the bookshop at the faculty, these costs are approximately 350 euros for the entire bachelor.

In your second year, part of the programme is a five-day study excursion abroad. The costs amount to approximately 300 euros.