Follow-on master’s programmes

After completing your Bachelor’s degree, you will be able to transfer to one of the two-year Master’s programmes in Industrial Design Engineering. These programmes allow you to deepen your knowledge and develop design skills by considering the physical, cultural, technological and societal context in which the product will be used.

Possibilities in your Master’s degree programme

Each of the three Master’s degree programmes in Industrial Design Engineering offers considerable space for you to add your own personal twist to your studies. In each Master’s programme, you will devote 30 credits to elective modules. In addition, you will often be able to seek your own customers for the design projects or formulate your own assignments. This freedom will allow you to specialise as a designer. After completing your studies, it will make it easier for you to find a job in an area that suits you. Industrial Design Engineering offers a broad range of elective modules. Examples include designing for the world of medicine and automotive design.

Other Master's degree programmes

With a Bachelor's degree from TU Delft you have several options. You can opt to study for a Master’s degree at the same faculty, at a different faculty, or even at another university. To see what your options are, take a look at the transfer matrix


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