BSc Life Science & Technology

Please note that the bachelor's programme in Life Science & Technology (LST) is taught in Dutch. More information about the level of Dutch required to start with LST can be found at Dutch Courses.

LST is a unique degree programme focusing on the living cell. As this is a joint programme, you benefit from the combined knowledge and facilities of Leiden University and TU Delft. If you want to study LST, you should be interested in science subjects. You should be able to think in analytical and abstract terms and enjoy practical work. 

Fundamental research is helping us to understand the structure of cells in ever greater detail, and how the processes within them can make an entire organism either healthy or sick. We can use this knowledge to influence the way cells work. For example, we can deploy viruses as medicines, use bacteria to break down dangerous substances in the environment and produce biofuel from algae. There’s still a lot to discover and plenty of opportunities for new pioneers.

For more information about this bachelor you can continue reading here (in Dutch).