Information about the Academic year 2020/21

TU Delft is organizing the next academic year adapting to the COVID restrictions. At this moment, the general scenario is as follows:

  • Educational activities on campus are reduced - only up to 20% of the population at the same time and in small groups. Each Faculty will have their own house rules.

  • Large-scale education activities - only online/remote format

  • Study places on campus will be available via study advisor

What does it mean for the Master programme Materials Science and Engineering?

We are committed to continuing with our high-level education in Materials Science and Engineering. We are closely following the development of the COVID-situation, and following the indications from government and the University. Therefore, some adjustment in our education activities will be needed at least in the first semester of the academic year.


Education activities (lectures, colloquia) will be organized online. We will offer both live and recorded sessions, to assure that everybody will have access to the lectures. Additionally, the lecturers of the courses will organize regular online Q&A sessions to solve doubts. The timing of these sessions will be adapted to the students’ time zones where needed.

Lab Sessions

Since the on-campus activities are quite limited, we are saving them only for very specific activities for the moment. Therefore, lab sessions taking place during Q1 and Q2 will be shifted to a remote activity.

  • You will follow explanations and demo videos showing the experimental set-ups and procedures

  • You will access to previously measured data to analyze and interpret the results

  • We have adapted the assessment procedure accordingly to the new format of the lab sessions.

Of course, this does not substitute the real experience of being in the lab. And we don’t want you to miss them! For this reason, we will assure that the students that miss the lab sessions in the Q1/Q2 will have the opportunity to carry them out later in the year, if the restrictions due to COVID-19 are more relaxed. We are already organizing the different scenarios to make this happen.

Social interaction with peer students and the docents

Studying at the university is not only about the courses and lectures. It is also about your experience on Campus, meeting new friends, getting to know the city and the Dutch life-style, when you come from abroad. It is a great and exciting personal adventure!

We would like to facilitate your integration in TU Delft and see to it that you do not miss the personal interactions with your peer students and the docents. For this reason, our student association (Tubalkain) and the department staff will actively organize regular online social meetings, often for small groups of students to facilitate individual interaction. In an informal environment, we will talk, play games, share issues or difficulties……and get to know each other! We have prepared several formats for activities that will help you to feel part of the MSE and the TU Delft community. We are happy to say that the department MSE has had a long tradition of easy informal contacts between professors and students: our doors are always open. Also in this online time we are working hard to uphold this tradition!

General situation in The Netherlands

Luckily many activities in the country are returning more or less to normal: terraces and museums are open, sport-clubs will open soon and you can meet and visit friends. Nevertheless, we still have to follow some general safety rules. You can find more details about the regulations indicated by the government in the following link: and the latest TU Delft news about corona through this link:


If you have more specific questions about the MSE master programme, please do not hesitate to contact the MSE Education Team via email:  

At the TU Delft we have Contact Centre ESA, they handle everything around housing, fees, VISA ect. They have a FAQ section on their site where you find a lot of answers to questions of new students. You can reach them by email or phone,, 31(0)15-2788012.

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