Other Opportunities

From external collaborations with a diverse range stakeholders to international opportunities to student communities, IDE master students have many opportunities to explore the field of design, develop their skills, and build lasting friendships and professional connections. Below you can find out more about international opportunities for IDE MSc students and the three master communities that have formed within our programmes.

International Opportunities

All of the MSc programmes at the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering (IDE) are internationally focused. Thirty percent of our MSc students are from abroad and all of the programmes are taught in English. MSc students are able to gain international experience by taking advantage of the faculty’s collaborations with leading design institutes from around the world. For example, they can go on an exchange at one of IDE’s 60 partner universities.

External Collaborations

Throughout their time at IDE, our master students will have the chance to interact, get to know, and collaborate with external stakeholders both within and outside of their studies. Keep reading to find out what kind of opportunities are available. 

Master Communities

At the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering, students have the opportunity to join their MSc programme's Master Community. The three Master Communities were established in 2015 and fall under the ID study association. Each community organises master-specific activities throughout the academic year.

Find out more about IDE's three master communities below, including how you can get in touch with them.