BEST Delft

BEST stands for Board of European Students of Technology. We are a growing, international, young and innovative student network.

The Board of European Students of Technology is a non-profit and non-political organization founded by students from the top technical universities in Europe. Since 1989, we have been strengthening the connection between universities, companies and students, thus supporting the latter in achieving their full professional potential.

We understand that being able to interact with different cultures is an essential quality of a future engineer, therefore we encourage students to broaden their international experience and offer them the opportunity to practice their adaptability to unknown situations. Through its vision, BEST empowers diversity and brings students together under the same goals.

Our mission to develop students has materialized in the shape of various technical and non-technical skills acquired and trained through our events. Events such as courses on technology, engineering competitions and corporate workshops. We provide an environment which stimulates creativity, rewards self-improvement and enriches personal skills, all of these converging into a constant source of inspiration and motivation.

Our priority is to offer high quality services for students all over Europe. Thus, we manage to bring all the partners in the “student – company – university” triangle closer.

Active members of BEST are also attending and organizing many other BEST meetings (workshops, trainings, symposiums, general meetings, etc.) where they gain a lot of knowledge and experience (project management, team work, organizing skills, communication).

BEST Delft


Target audience
Bachelor/Master/PhD/PD Eng


EBEC Delft

The European BEST Engineering Competition (EBEC) is a three-level team based competition, in two categories or more. It gives students the opportunity to use the knowledge gained during their studies and their inventiveness in practice, by solving interdisciplinary real-life problems provided by our corporate partners. EBEC is a project that targets all students of technology, no matter what their field of study is, and can offer them a good quality content to help them.

BEST Courses

Throughout the whole year BEST organizes different courses where students of technology from member universities get the chance to complement their fields of study, learn and take their steps into an international career, increase their international experience and have fun.

Each BEST event is attended by 20-30 engineering and technology students who have something in common: they want to live a unique experience, different day-to-day school life.

International Gatherings

Our members attend international events in which they can build a network of friends and colleagues.

Trainings for Members

We develop students through complementary education: trainings in soft and hard skills.

Athens Week

BEST Delft takes care of the leisure part of the ATHENS programme.


Core Teams

We manage our activities though a skill-based structure of Core Teams. Each group focuses and develops their knowledge in either Public Relations, Human Resources or Corporate Relations, guided by experienced members and trainers. These core teams are structured in order to engage members with challenging activities crucial for the sustainability of the group, that will develop a particular skill set useful for future international career.

Marketing, Networking, Project Management and Graphic Design are some of the competences that our members develop in parallel to their academical career.
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