The Chinese Student Association Erasmus University Rotterdam (CSA-EUR) is a student association that brings together everyone with an interest in Chinese culture, regardless of their background. As the largest multicultural student association of the Erasmus University Rotterdam, CSA-EUR welcomes students from all over the world and strives to share passion for Chinese culture. 

The nine committees of CSA-EUR deliver events where everybody can join, including TU Delft students and many more. The events vary from social events such as large-scale parties, to cultural events such as cooking and ink-painting workshops. CSA-EUR also organises career events, such as Inhouse days at big multinational companies. You can also follow Chinese or Dutch language courses at CSA-EUR, and even attend the annual Study Trip to China. For an impression of the events, check out the website. 

Become a member and meet wonderful people. As a member of CSA-EUR you can join all our events with discounts. On top of that you get discounts at various partners in Delft, Rotterdam and the Hague. Visit the website to see if your favourite restaurant is a CSA-EUR partner!

Looking for a challenge? Join a CSA-EUR committee to closely work together with a group of like-minded students. In the IT committee, you will be able to develop your skills working on projects with other committee members and gain valuable experience for your future career! Check out the website to find more information about the different committees!



Culture / International / Country or regional / Career / Fraternity 

Target audience
All: Bachelor, Master, PhD, PD Eng

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