Online introduction to your future study

An Online Introduction gives you a taste of what it is like to study on the degree programme of your choice and what you can expect if you join in September. You decide for yourself when to do this online programme: watch short online lectures and carry out assignments, with online supervision from a student from the relevant degree programme.

Why an Online Introduction?
  • Try out your chosen degree programme first-hand
  • Intensive introduction to the programme
  • After completion of the course, you will be able to make a better-informed decision about your choice of programme.

Participation in an Online Introduction is completely voluntary. It is not an admission test and it is only intended to help you gain an idea of whether the degree programme is right for you.

What does an Online Introduction at TU Delft involve?
  • A 1-week programme
  • Workload: about 6 hours
  • Within that week you decide when you want to study
  • Online lectures
  • Work independently on assignments
  • Online supervision by student on the degree programme: feel free to ask questions!
Who is it for?
  • Online Introductions are for students in the last 1,5 years of pre-university education (6 vwo and end 5 vwo in The Netherlands)
  • We assume that you have already seriously looked into the degree programme
  • Preferably you have already attended the relevant degree programme's open day.

This page only shows the Online Introduction modules for our English-language Bachelor’s degree programmes. Modules for the Bachelor’s degree programmes in Dutch are available here.