Prof.dr. Rob F. Mudde

In-game speech

Welcome! Today you start on your journey: to travel the path to become Bachelors and Masters.

It will be a wondrous journey, but not an easy one. Unexpected challenges have risen before us. Trials and pitfalls lurk ahead. The work will be hard and the days can be lonely.

Never forget: you are not alone. You are now part of our community. We, your professors, are here to help you along your way. To guide you and support you, and answer all questions you can come up with.

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You may now start gathering knowledge and overcoming challenge. Try and collect as many TU Delft flames as possible as you go along.

Remember: you chose to come on this journey. That decision carries responsibilities. You must try your hardest, learn from you mistakes, and if you fail: try again.

Do not give up! Because after great perils come greater rewards. You will achieve knowledge and forge friendships for life. And if you are successful, you can join us on our greatest mission:

To create impact for a better society!


Many have gone on this journey before you.

TU Delft is an old and venerable institution; our long history goes back to 1842. Though long ago, an age we can learn from.

We have since grown, in many ways. We now welcome staff and students from all over the world. We study many subjects. We are bigger and better than in those early days.

But we still share a history and a purpose: the urge to seek answers and to solve problems. The need to make this world a better place.


Now you will meet some of your fellow travellers that are ahead of you on the road. They achieve marvellous things through hard work and perseverance. Along the way, they master new skills and find out what it means to be an engineer, a scientist, a leader.

But most importantly: they understand the value of friendship and collaboration.

Let us watch and learn from them.

End of the game

Congratulations! You have made it to the end of this, your first leg of the journey to become a Bachelor or Master.

You have proven that you are worthy of that challenge and therefore we are proud to welcome you into our community.

This is only the start of our journey together so let us look forward to many more shared adventures! Tim van der Hagen

In-game speech

Welcome to our virtual campus! Today marks the start of another Academic Year, but not as we know it.

Think of our students who are not starting the year as they would have liked to.

It will take some getting used to taking lots of online classes, especially if it's their first time studying at a university. So many obstacles for them to overcome, but the coronacrisis has once again shown us something. It is incredibly valuable that we can train them to become engineers with an eye for social challenges who can contribute to their solution.

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What will the year ahead bring us? The past six months were full of challenges, and no doubt many more challenges await us. So far, you have encountered them all with hard work and dedication. So let us now start the year together by doing something playful.

I invite you to start the game.

We have had to get used to meeting each other online instead of face to face, so this virtual campus doesn’t feel all that strange. But let’s not forget that, online or on campus, we still form a community. A community that has shown its resilience, something we will need again in the year ahead.


2020 is a year of global crisis like none of us has ever experienced.

Yet, it is not the first crisis TU Delft has weathered in our long history, going back to 1842.  

Much has changed since then, but we still share a purpose with our predecessors: the urge to seek answers and to solve problems. The need to make this world a better place.


Let’s take a video tour of our campus, to look at our more recent history. And let’s hope our campus will soon be as lively and busy again as you can see in some of these images.

End of the game

Congratulations! You have made it to the end of the game. Let us now continue on our joint, long-term mission: to create impact for a better society! Have a good year!




Guard of Honor