PhD course ‘Safe by Design’

30 June 2021 08:00 till 01 July 2021 17:00 | Add to my calendar

Open for PhD candidates from all universities and universities of applied science in the Netherlands. 

This course is full. 

Organized by TU Delft Safety and Security Institute, together with RIVM and VU. 

Safety is becoming increasingly relevant in various fields, particularly in designing products and processes. The renewed focus on Safe by Design tries to identify and include safety (along with other important values such as sustainability, security and circularity) at an early stage of design. This course offers an excellent overview of the extensiveness and importance of the integral approach of Safe by Design. The team of lecturers together represent both the broad academic as the more practice-oriented approach and represent TU Delft and VU, and the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) in Safe by Design. 

This course will address two aspects:
I)    Discussion of theory and practice of Safety Science, focusing on interdisciplinary perspectives on the notion of risk, the design models and tools of value sensitive design as well as methods of identifying and including values in design, as for instance promoted by Responsible Research and Innovations (RRI).
II)    Designing for Safety: how can this approach be addressed at all phases of the life cycle of the system, i.e. plan, design, test, implement/build, operate, maintain and dispose / reuse. SbD by definition, concentrates on the plan and design phase of the system. SbD aims for the inclusion of safety as a design requirement at the earliest stages of product and process development.

Team of lecturers

Course Objectives:
I)    Introduce the Safe by Design approach;
II)    Consider design for safety in the broader societal context and values like security, privacy, circularity, autonomy, while discussing cases from different fields of science and engineering;
III)    Introduce designing for safety in a way that complies with other values.

Course preparation: 

It will be a highly interactive workshop consisting of two days. The workshop requires minimal preparation by watching this webinar: and articles. The course material will be made available by the organizers.

Costs & Enrolment:
The course is free of charge. You can express your interest by sending an email to Then we will send you an enrolment form.