PowerWeb Conference 2019

Theme "Inclusive Energy Transition“

The PowerWeb Institute of the Delft University of Technology organized its annual conference on 4th June 2019. This year's theme "Inclusive Energy Transition“ with a line-up of six presentations on 'Technology and Operation', 'Policy' and 'Institutions and Case Studies' aimed at contributing to a better understanding of how and under what conditions energy innovations occur and how institutional and social innovations can accelerate technological change. The conference stressed social inclusiveness as a key value to be addressed in the design and operation of the future energy systems.

We would like to thank all speakers for the inspiring talks: Alina Neagu, ENTSO/E; Eline van den Ende, HVC Group; Margot Weijnen, TU Delft; Anna Mengolini, EU JRC Petten; Saskia Lavrijssen, Tilburg University and Ellen van Bueren; TU Delft/AMS Institute. Lastly, we would like to thank all of the conference participants for their contributions in the discussion and poster presentations showing a wide variety of PhD projects of PowerWeb researchers.

The conference stared this year with a special moment: the official opening of the PowerWeb Institute by the PowerWeb Chairman prof. Peter Palensky and Dean of the EEMCS faculty prof. dr. John Schmitz 'cutting the ribbon'.

Prof.dr.ir. Zofia Lukszo
Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management
Chair PowerWeb Conference 2019

Download Presentations:
Alina Neagu - ENTSO/e - 'From National to Regional and pan-European: digital transformation'
Eline van den Ende - HVC Group - 'Dependent on your neighbours? And other challenges for engaging home-owners in heat transition plans'
Marot Weijnen - TU Delft - 'Co-evolution of infrastructure systems and values'
Anna Mengolini - JRC Petten - 'EU energy policies and projects. A perspective on an inclusive energy transition'
Saskia Lavrijssen - Tilburg University - 'Towards a consistent approach for regulating the multi-energy carrier energy system'
Ellen van Bueren - AMS Institute + TU Delft - 'Supporting inclusive urban energy transitions with living labs'

TU Delft - PowerWeb Institute Conference 4 June 2019

Picture: "Cutting the Cable": opening PowerWeb Institute by Dean John Schmitz