PowerWeb Conference 2018

On 20 June 2018 the annual PowerWeb conference took place at the TU Science Centre. This years' theme:

Integrated Energy Systems

Fluctuating renewable energy sources are one of the main means for de-carbonising our society. Integrating a broad range of energy-related technologies, such as electricity, gas, heat, fuels, storage, flexible demand, and electric transport can help to create a more flexible, more resilient, and more efficient energy system. While the power grid might serve as important backbone, it is the mix of carriers and a horizontal and vertical integration that enables new solutions for planning, operations, regulation, modeling, markets, analysis, and optimisation.

The diverse and supplementing nature of its elements is the strength of an integrated energy system.

At the 2018 PowerWeb conference gathered experts from research, industry, infrastructure, administration, and finance to exchange the latest findings, trends, results, and ideas.


• Peter Palensky; chair TU Delft PowerWeb platform - opening
• Ruud Melieste; Port of Rotterdam - 'Front runner in Energy Transition'
• Esther Hardi - Alliander - 'Digitalisation and energy grids; energy transition - todays innovation and in future - mathematics in innovation'
• Jörg Gigler - Managing Director TKI Gas - 'Hydrogen: the gold medallist on system integration!'
• Erik Roeland - Goeree-Overflakkee and Lennard Seriese - Stedin -'Energy Island Goeree-Overflakkee'
• Fokko Mulder - TU Delft - 'Electricity storage & hydrogen feedstock production with a ‘battolyser’
• Robbert van der Pluijm - EnergyStock - 'HyStock, connecting and distributing electrons and molecules'

The succesfull event ended with a poster session

TU Delft - Annual PowerWeb Conference 2018


Jörg Gigler - TKI Gas

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Robbert vd Pluijm - EnergyStock

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Erik Roeland - Goeree

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Lennard Seriese - Stedin

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Esther Hardi - Alliander

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Ruud Melieste - Port of Rotterdam

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Fokko Mulder - TUD - Battolyser

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Peter Palensky - Chair PowerWeb

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