Pro2Tech Research Cluster Water Processing

The Processing of Water cluster of Pro2Tech is highly versatile with activities that cut across three of the seven faculties of TU Delft. Availability of affordable clean water is one of the largest societal and technical challenges for the next decades. With the increased urbanization, climate change and depletion or pollution of resources, the need for research in water processing is emerging. It enables food and energy production. However, it is often forgotten is that processing is needed to bring it up the required quantity and to make sure it can be safely discarded in the environment. Often combinations of biological, physical, thermal, chemical , and electrochemica,- and electrochemical processes are used.
The goal of the Pro2Tech Water Processing cluster is to unify and collaborate, internally and externally, water processing research. The researchers in the cluster focus on clean water production, resource recovery, removing (micro)pollutants, solute transport, water management, technology integration and non-technological challenges.
In all the above fields the cluster focusses both on fundamental research that involve mathematical modelling and analytical methods for measuring chemical conversions in water as well as applied engineering strategies for developing new water processing from a system engineering perspective. Facilities are a available at bench and laboratory scale. Often pilots are being implemented with various stakeholder in the water industry.

Water processing research at TU Delft is cutting edge, and integrates wide continuum of technical disciplines in order to secure the water.

Ralph Lindeboom

Dr. Ir. Ralph Lindeboom

Environmental Engineering, Geochemistry

Dr. Hanieh Bazyar

Engineering Thermodynamics