The Delft Young Academy aims at forming a vibrant community of Young Academics at TU Delft. To this end, the DYA organizes different types of events:

  • Community and Social events which serve to connect, inform and/or poll the whole community. It includes the kick-off event, the launch event, the presentation of new board members or social gathering.
  • Topical Lunches: Informal lunches with a predetermined discussion topic (Lunch is provided for registered participants). DYA lunches will serve multiple purposes: they will offer the DYA community a chance to get to know each other and discuss relevant topics in a safe environment. Lunches will be organized at different faculties which has the added benefit that the DYA community (especially those that recently started) get to physically visit different faculty buildings.
  • Events for subcommunities such as a career event for postdocs. The DYA identifies several different sub-communities such as postdocs, young parents, teaching focussed etc. and aims to organize targeted events for such sub-communities.

Coming soon 

June: date TBD.  The speaker Eduardo Mendes will address the topic “Awareness and culture.

Do you have a nice topic in mind for a lunch event or do you want to provide a presentation? Please feel free to reach out!