Postdoc Career Event

Do you want to be inspired about what your future may look like after completing a postdoc? Do you want to explore the different opportunities you may be suitable for in your near future?  Then this event is for you!

The Postdoc event is aimed at members who hold a Postdoc contract and want to explore their future career options. During this event, attendees will be able to hear diverse personal experiences from people who held a Postdoc contract and whose career paths have led them to different professional fields such as academia, industry, consultancy, communication, non-academic university, and government. In addition, attendees will be able to interact with the guest speakers and learn more about their possibilities.

The Postdoc event will take place the 25th of April, from 14:00 to 17:00, at the TU Delft Aula. Drinks will be available at the end of the event.

Structure of the event

- Plenary opening by Academic Transfer. This will be followed by a short introduction of the guest speakers. 

- Round table discussion. Speakers will have their own space, and attendees will be able to join their tables. There will be 20-minute rounds per table, and a maximum of 3 rounds, thus providing a wider opportunity for more people to ask questions to the speakers of their interest.

 - Closing & drinks.

 This event is organized by the Delft Young Academy, the PostDoc Network and HR.  

 Are you interested in attending? Then we ask you to register here!

Topical Lunches

DYA topical lunches will be informal lunches with a predetermined discussion topic (Lunch is provided for registered participants). DYA lunches will serve multiple purposes: it will offer the DYA community a chance to get to know each other and discuss relevant topics in a safe environment. Lunches will be organized at different faculties which has the added benefit that the DYA community (especially those that recently started) get to physically visit different faculty buildings. 

Coming soon 

April 4th. The associate professor Piero Colonna will address the topic “Pressures in academia”. More information about the event will be provided in the near future.
May 8th. The associate professor Eduardo Mendes will address the topic “Awareness & Culture”. More information about the event will be provided in the near future.
June 6th. The speaker David Keyson will address the topic “Diversity and Inclusion”. More information about the event will be provided in the near future.
Do you have a nice topic in mind for a lunch event or do you want to provide a presentation? Please feel free to reach out!

Previous topical lunches

During the March topical lunch, Martijn Warnier, section and department head of the Multi-Actor Systems Department, talked about the topic “Navigating career promotions”. During the event, the main steps to apply for a promotion at TU Delft and what this entails have been considered and discussed, being the subject of open discussion among the attendees. You can find the photos of the event here.

The DYA Topical lunch of February took place on Wednesday the 8th. We had the unique opportunity to learn from Stefan Buijsman about how to effectively communicate our scientific research. During the event we were able to share our concerns about the topic, such as what kind of communication platforms should we use and what communication strategy can benefit us depending on our situation. The photos of this event can be found here.

On the 10th of January 2023 we held the second Topical lunch in which the speaker David Vermaas discussed about the topic “Juggling with it all: balancing the diverse and variable tasks of an early career academic”, allowing us to discuss about how to balance work and family life. Through this event, we have been able to learn some effective methods for young researchers to deal with their multiple weekly tasks. The photos of this event can be found here!

On the 5th of December the first topical lunch took place. The speaker Dr. Janna van Grunsven (Assit. Prof. at TPM, TU Delft) discussed the topic “Diversity, not Deficiency! Embracing Cognitive Variations in Research and Education”. For more information, please consult the document attached.

Other events 

In addition to the discussion lunches we will organize events for specific subcommunities.

Coming this spring:

On April 25th we will organize a Postdoc Career Event in collaboration with PostDocNetwork Delft. More information will be provided on the coming months.

Do you have event ideas? Please let us know! 

Start up events

Launch March 2022

In March 2022 the Launch of the Delft Young Academy took place. The event was webcast and can currently be found here.

Kick off November 2021

In November 2021 we organized an initial kick-off event to poll the enthusiasm of the community for a young academy at TU Delft. The event, with talks by the Executive Board, the DYA initators and the National Jonge Akademie, highlighted the support to form a young academy in DelftRead more about the event here.

Impression of the DYA kick-off Event November 2022