Computational Science and Engineering

Measuring is knowing? computing is knowing more.

A silent revolution has taken place over the last few decades with the development of computers that can perform calculations at super speeds and the use of smart models that represent reality in all its complexity. These advances have led to better and more efficient appliances, sharper images and information about things that cannot be measured.

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Traditional observation and measurement represented a breakthrough for the industrial society, but prediction and analysis through calculations with computers have added new dimensions to science and technology. Whether it is the design of new aircraft or new medical equipment, studying wind and water currents, increasing safety in the event of a car crash? measurement and testing alone are no longer enough. The classification of relevant information, the discovery of patterns and the early recognition of alternatives, a better understanding of nature; all of these things can be done better with computers and advanced scientific models. Rapid advances have been made in recent years, and they are continuing. The tremendous power of computers is channelled by ingenious mathematical models, models designed to enhance the sharpness of medical images so that operations can be performed with greater precision or to predict what cannot be measured so that appropriate action can be taken.