Visiting Professors

During the years 2010-2011 the Delft Centre for Computational Science and Engineering (DCSE) is inviting a number of visiting professors to be guest of DCSE. Besides collaboration on research topics, each professor gives a talk in one of the DCSE seminars. Furthermore we also foresee an interaction between the visiting professors and the master and PhD students.




Stefan Heinz

May 16 -

May 29 and Sept.

Applied Physics

Pedro Coelho

May 24 -

June 4 and Sept.

Applied Physics 

Patrick Jenny

June 6 -

June 20 

Applied Physics

Eric Deleersnijder

Sept. 2010 -

August 2011

Electrical Engineering,

Mathematics and Computer Science

Carlos da Silva


Mechanical, Maritime

and Materials Engineering

Tod A. Laursen

 May 31 -

June 14

Civil Engineering and Geosciences