About DSyS

The TU Delft Safety & Security Institute develops fundamental technologies and models for safety and security in the private sphere, the public sphere, and the movement between these two spheres.
The institute is a research and capacity building partner in the field of safety & security. We create a platform for cooperation with industry and government and encourage multidisciplinary cooperation.

Societal Challenges

Safety and security science is about the scientific analysis of undesired events, disasters and accidents (both intentional and unintentional). Safety relates to unintentional threats, caused by natural disasters, and unintentional human behaviour such as technical failures, and human error. Security relates to intentional threats caused by intentional human behaviour, such as crime, fraud and terrorism.

There are three major trends in safety & security domain.

Realms of safety and security

The institute distinguishes safety & security issues in three categories:

  • Safety and security in the private spheres, at home or at work
  • Safety and security while moving from the private to the public sphere and vice versa
  • Safety and security in the public sphere, in society 

People are at the core of this model. Through transport, people leave a private sphere and enter the public realm. In all three realms, safety or security issues can occur.