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TU Delft | Delft Global Initiative

TU Delft | Transport Institute

Green Building Innovation

Computation & Performance

Nuon Solar Team

Formula Student Team Delft

TU Delft Solar Boat Team

Shape Morphing Products

Shape Morphing Products

Freight transport and logistics

3D Fine Art Reproduction

Smart Textiles

Smart Textiles

Theme 2 - Evironmentally Sensitive Materials

Theme 2 - Evironmentally Sensitive Materials

Mycelium-based Materials for product design



TU Delft | Climate Institute

Smart Clothing

Smart Clothing

Delft Aerospace Rocket Engineering

Housing in a Changing Society


Urban and Regional Studies

Innovation in Management of the Built Environment

Geoinformation Technology & Governance

Design & History

The Architectural Project and its Foundations

TU Delft Safety & Security Institute DSys

Sustainable Product Service Systems for Base of the Pyramid Markets

Teamwork in paediatric oncology

Design for perception

Motion capture for real time 3D interaction

Reinvent the Toilet

02 June 2015

€ 5,000 for the best university student

17 March 2015

course on Smart Sensor Systems

TU Delft | Delft Deltas, Infrastructures & Mobility Initiative


09 February 2016

Doctoral Defence M. (Morteza) Abouhamzeh