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11 December 2018

2018 George Nicholson Paper Award

11 December 2018

Renewable Energy Systems - The Next Step Forward

Replacing large coal and nuclear power plants with renewable resources, especially wind and solar energy implicitly emphasised an increased use of ICT to control, monitor and protect future power systems; the final goal being to provide cheap and clean energy through a power system that operates with high levels of reliability and security of supply. This is reflected in what has become a generally accepted definition of a smart grid.

10 December 2018

Cooperation between the Foundation for Gas Turbine Education (SGO), TU Delft and InHolland extended

Gas turbines are best known as the jet engines that power aircraft.

07 December 2018

Sponsorship for Assistant/Associate Professor Geothermal Science and Engineering

During the Geothermal Get-Together on 29 November 2018, it was announced that research on Geothermal Science and Engineering at TU Delft got another boost. A consortium of seven partners signed a certificate for sponsoring an Assistant/Associate Professor.

06 December 2018

New climate response model calculates impact of road traffic fast

Vanessa Rieger created a model which assesses impact of road traffic emission scenarios on O3 and CH4 concentration and the subsequent climate effect.

05 December 2018

The best tech idea of 2018 according KIJK is...

...the solar battery charger for electric cars made by EEMCS’ Gautham Ram!

05 December 2018

NIH Grants awarded to research team Raf Van de Plas

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) are awarding two prestigious American grants to the research team led by Raf Van de Plas from the Department of DCSC.

05 December 2018

Researchers discover mechanism disrupting CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing

The discovery of CRISPR-Cas9 has made gene editing very easy. Unfortunately, the molecular tool has recently been found to be less precise than previously assumed. It can lead to unwanted mutations in a cell’s DNA. Researchers at Delft University of Technology have now identified a mechanism that causes such mutations when CRISPR-Cas9 is used incorrectly. This can cause dormant genes to become expressed, which is potentially very dangerous. The researchers have created a checklist based on their findings. Using this checklist will prevent the harmful mechanism from being activated and makes gene editing using CRISPR-Cas9 safer.

05 December 2018

New Professor of Nanomechanics aims for ‘nanoscale floating’

In the words of Professor Peter Steeneken, Head of the Dynamics of Micro and Nanosystems section at TU Delft, nanoengineering is required to bridge the gap between nanoscience and concrete nanomechanical applications.

04 December 2018

How to transform urban energy systems

Sustainable Urban Energy Systems Conference. Ambitious climate change targets can only be realized by transforming urban energy systems into smart low carbon energy systems. Thinking and discussing about how to achieve this happened on November 8 and 9 at TU Delft and The Green Village by 150 attendees, from more than 90 organizations and 16 – not only European – countries.

04 December 2018

Bronkhorst and NERI are teaming up

03 December 2018

Best PhD Dissertation Award for Anahita Jamshidnejad

30 November 2018

New TU Delft TV episode: Tropical disease detection by smartphone

Anahita Jamshidnejad has won the 1st Prize in the 2018 IEEE ITSS Best PhD Dissertation Award competetion for her PhD thesis "Efficient predictive model-based and fuzzy control for green urban mobility". The IEEE ITSS Best Dissertation Award is given annually by the Intelligent Transportation Systems Society (ITSS) of IEEE for the best dissertation in any Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) area that is innovative and relevant to practice. The 1st Prize award consists of a plaque and a cash award of USD 2000.

30 November 2018

Opening HollandPTC

On Friday 30 November, the festive opening celebration of HollandPTC will take place in the Prinsenhof museum in Delft. Recently patients are being treated with proton therapy, a new form of radiotherapy against cancer for the Netherlands, in the outpatient centre HollandPTC located on the campus of the TU Delft. Parallel to these treatments, TU Delft is working together in HollandPTC with the LUMC and Erasmus MC medical centres on innovations in the care of cancer patients. Treatment, education and research go hand in hand to achieve better and responsible care.

29 November 2018

New Electrical Sustainable Powerlab smooths the way for energy transition

A new laboratory, the only one of its kind in the world, is being built in Delft. The Electrical Sustainable Powerlab will bring together under one roof scientists researching the generation, transfer, distribution and use of electricity by households and companies. The aim is to ensure a smooth transition to more sustainable energy.