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10 April 2019

TU Delft cooperates with Vietnam in training water professionals

Over the next three years, Delft University of Technology will support Vietnam in training water management professionals. The ‘Climate Proof Vietnam’ programme was officially launched on Wednesday in the Vietnamese capital Hanoi.

09 April 2019

How to build a city in Africa

In the book ‘To Build a City in Africa - A History and a Manual’, the authors discuss 146 examples of those New Towns that were built between 1960 – 2018 across the African continent, and offer 10 key principles for future New Towns.

08 April 2019

How do we protect aircrafts against corrosion?

Peter Visser, PhD-candidate at the department of Materials Science and Engineering, conducts his research on a safe and environmentally friendly alternative for the toxic chromate corrosion inhibitors in active protective coatings for the protection of aerospace aluminium alloys.

03 April 2019

'Het is dom om niet energieneutraal te bouwen’

28 March 2019

Modern trombe wall saves loads of energy

A trombe wall with phase-changing materials can ensure a much lower energy consumption of buildings. That becomes evident in the DoubleFace 2.0 research project. State-of-the-art technologies breathe new life into this age-old heat control method.

27 March 2019

TU Delft students win second round of GoFly competition

Silverwing, a team of students from TU Delft, is one of the five winners of the second round of the GoFly competition sponsored by Boeing.

26 March 2019

3mE-researchers on stage in Famelab

Who is best at presenting his or her science story? On Wednesday 3 April, 16 researchers will battle with each other for a place in the Dutch finals of the international FameLab competition. Join them and get to know all about all sorts of biomedical applications, seeing the invisible, disasters getting worse, and water on the moons of Jupiter. The presentations will be judged by a jury and by you!

22 March 2019

Dr Energy foresees ‘catastrophic’ temperature rise

The IEA’s Executive Director Dr Fatih Birol visited TU Delft. The IEA deals in facts, and the ones that Birol presented in his speech were sobering at best.

22 March 2019

Building with Nature: Common cordgrass and grassweed help dikes

Vegetated foreshores can strongly reduce wave loads on coastal dikes, meaning these dikes may not have to be built so high. On Wednesday 27 March, Vincent Vuik will be awarded his PhD at TU Delft for his work on this subject.

22 March 2019

Inaugural address David Abbink

On Friday March 22nd 2019, David Abbink gave his inaugural address as professor of Haptic Human-Robot Interaction at Delft University of Technology. In his talk David gave an overview of his work, argued why we need to focus more on robot symbiosis than robot autonomy, let the whole audience hop on one leg, and stated he would strive to revitalize the truly multi-disciplinary spirit of the Macy Conferences on Cybernetics. Afterwards, the audience could experience five haptic demo’s.

21 March 2019

Peter Palensky in Delft Outlook

Professor Peter Palensky (intelligent electrical power grids) fathoms the consequences of increasing demand and simultaneous out phasing of conventional power generation for the power grid. “That's a big ... challenge.”

21 March 2019

Human-robot symbiosis improves interaction

Semi-automated vehicles on our motorways, a mobile robot arm that can effectively intervene in a disaster area, drones: these are all examples of robots that exist our unpredictable environment. These robots cannot manage without human intervention, however: behind every successful robot there’s a human being. A strong foundation for operating robot arms and robot vehicles is haptics: our innate ability to feel our body.

20 March 2019

TU Delft Global Drinking Water Best Paper Award 2019

The TU Delft | Global Drinking Water programme announces its 1st edition of: TU Delft Global Drinking Water Best Paper Award 2019 Submissions welcome till April 22, 2019

14 March 2019

Region to 5G test for digital economy

The Metropolitan Region of Rotterdam/The Hague (MRDH) is joining TU Delft, the Holland Rijnland region, the municipalities of Delft and Katwijk, TNO and the Province of Zuid-Holland to invest in field-lab research into 5G applications.

14 March 2019

Elmar Eisemann to receive Dutch Prize for ICT Research 2019

He will be receiving the award for his research into the accurate, detailed depiction of visualisations using modern graphics hardware.