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22 February 2019

Maxim Segeren project manager Offshore Wind

As of 1 January 2019, Dr. Maxim Segeren, former colleague at the Hydraulic Engineering Department of the Faculty of CE&GS, will start as project manager for Offshore Wind at the Valorisation Centre.

21 February 2019

Service sector has sizeable impact on urban energy demand

A better understanding of the energy demands of various users in the city – households and services such as schools, offices and shops – can facilitate urban energy transition. Nina Voulis offers this insight in her dissertation entitled Harnessing Heterogeneity, with which she will be awarded her PhD at TU Delft on 22 February 2019.

19 February 2019

TU Delta: Capturing the heat from below

Foundations for a new building at the Green Village contain 40 metre long tubes to exchange heat with the soil. Researchers will monitor the ‘energy piles’ in action.

14 February 2019

New MOOC: Zero-Energy Design: an approach to make your building sustainable

Learn how to get to a net zero energy use of an existing building.

13 February 2019

#Detox your #Fashion

13 February 2019

TU Delft Ideation Contest

12 February 2019

PhD defence: Electrochemical recycling of rare earth elements from NdFeB magnet waste

Rare earth elements (REEs) are indispensable in the transition towards a low-carbon economy as they are used in many high-tech and clean energy applications such as wind turbines, hybrid electric vehicles and lamp phosphors.

04 February 2019

A new approach for the fast estimation of the solar energy potential in urban environments

TU Delft researchers have developed a new approach for calculating fast and accurate the solar energy potential of surfaces in the urban environment. The new approach can significantly help architects and urban planners to incorporate photovoltaic (solar power) technology in their designs. The findings were presented on Monday 4 February in Nature Energy.

30 January 2019

The (im)practibility of materials in a circular economy

Our growing world population and increasing prosperity is putting more and more pressure on global energy consumption and the demand for materials. The challenges in the area of energy consumption, materials consumption and climate change are closely interlinked, but the use of materials is often something we take for granted.

29 January 2019

A ship with airbags

How do you prevent a maritime disaster such as the one five years ago with the Korean ferry Sewol? And how do you give passengers more time to safely disembark during a critical situation?

28 January 2019

Nanoscale Failure in Steel

In our future energy system, electricity derived from solar panels and wind turbines, and heat derived from geothermal wells, heat pumps, solar collectors and urban surfaces will constitute cheap and abundant sources of carbon-free energy for our built environment and for our industries.

23 January 2019

How sustainable is electric heating? Laure Itard does the math

The gas industry is being phased out and the trusty gas boiler will need to be replaced by electric forms of heating. Energy epidemiologist Prof. Laure Itard (Architecture and the Built Environment) calculated the CO2 emissions. Is electric always sustainable?

21 January 2019

New PowerWeb book: Intelligent Integrated Energy Systems

This book presents research results of PowerWeb, TU Delft’s consortium for interdisciplinary research on intelligent, integrated energy systems and their role in markets and institutions.

21 January 2019

Peter Palensky assumes chairmanship IEEE PES/PELS/IAS Benelux Chapter

Following Hakan Ergun (KU Leuven) Peter Palensky will serve as chairman of the IEEE PELS/IAS/PES Benelux Chapter in the coming period of two years. The chairmanship rotates inside the Benelux. Palensky fulfilled several other international roles for the IEEE. For example, prior he was IEEE Austria Section Chair.

16 January 2019

The Hague worst hit in the case of extreme precipitation

A new precipitation index compares the risks that different cities face from extreme rainfall. In The Netherlands, The Hague will be affected most.