From October 9 to 15, 2023, the national Safety & Security Week will take place. TU Delft, together with the Department of Integral Security, CREFM, HSE and ICT Security, is participating in this national initiative for the sixth time this year. Also this year we ask your attention for various security themes that play in and around the TU Delft campus. Together we ensure that the campus is a safe environment to study, work, research and relax. One way we do this is through the activities below, in which you can participate.

Program Safety & Security Week

Safety square

October 10, 11 & 12 | 12:00 - 15:00 PM

Come see firsthand how a fire extinguisher operates, feel the heat of 80°C, or simulate an escape from a smoke-filled tunnel system! Additionally, join demonstrations about safe extension cord and socket usage, gain information on asbestos removal procedures, and learn what happens after a fire alarm. All TU Delft students and employees are invited to visit the Safety square.
Location: TU Delft Campus, Freezone G (Bouwcampus)

Theatre performance Safe Space by the Time Out Foundation

10 October | 15.00 - 16.30 PM

At the request of and together with students, the Time Out Foundation developed the base for an interactive theatre performance about the grey area of sexual harassment, discrimination and abuse of power in their learning and living environment. What is it? Where and when does it happen? How does it start? Can we do better? Without stressing out, because exploring boundaries is part of development. When there is room for creativity, dialogue, experimenting and exploring boundaries, knowledge will flourish.

Location: Auditorium, Aula Conference Centre (building 20)
Language: Dutch

Masterclass Safe Travelling

 11 October | 12.00 - 13.00 PM

We were able to engage Adriaan Korevaar (from Shape your World) for this Masterclass. With almost 30 years of international experience at companies, NGOs and academic institutions in the Netherlands and abroad, he is the perfect person to share insights about safe travel. In this interactive Masterclass we will use scenarios to look at how events abroad (and the traveler's reaction) can get out of hand. We shall discuss your own attitude and behavior in relation to the risks. We will focus both on the situation of the traveler as well as on the management of such situations by the TU Delft. Together we can arrange for safer trips.

You can follow this master class live via this link.
Language: English

Masterclass Safety: engaging with human behaviour

 12 October | 13.00 - 14.00 PM

In this masterclass, Associate Professor Natalie Van der Wal from TU Delft shares insights from her research on human behavior during evacuations and unveils methods for influencing human behavior. As a graduate in cognitive and neuropsychology and a doctor in artificial intelligence, she has bridged the gap between human behavior and technology. Her profound interest in the question "Why do people act the way they do?" has led her to research on human behaviour and safety. She also imparts valuable tips from the field of psychology and emphasizes the importance of effective communication. How do you best engage with people?

You can follow this master class live via this link.
Language: Dutch (we will publish the recorded video with English subtitles a couple of days after the event)

Test your security & privacy knowledge

10, 11 & 12 October | 10:00 - 15:00 PM

Nerve Spiral
How long does it take you to beat the hacker? Test if your nerves can withstand the stress of a hack. Game times are tracked by a timer and displayed on the scoreboard next to the nerve spiral. The 3 fastest participants of the day will receive a cyber security prize. 
Location: Freezone E

Hackers are everywhere. It is therefore important that you are well protected against cyberattacks. Do you know how to recognize the dangers and risks? Test your security & privacy knowledge here and win great cyber security prizes!
Location: Echo

Market stall
A lot of people blindly accept all cookies. But what exactly do you agree to and what happens to your data afterwards? Our colleagues from the security & privacy team will be happy to tell you more about it. By the way, you can blindly accept the cookies offered here ;)
Location: Freezone B

Knowledge Security: Stop by and ask your questions!

12 October 13:00 – 15:00 PM

What do you, as a researcher, know about Knowledge Security, and how does it relate to your research? Do you have questions? Stop by, and the Knowledge Security programme team is ready to assist you with your knowledge security inquiries.

Location: Aula, Commissiekamer 3
Language: Dutch, English

TU Delft Emergency number: in case of emergency call 015 27 88 888

Most incidents and emergencies on campus must be reported immediately to the TU Delft control room. These can be reported 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Upon receiving a report, the control room operator takes the necessary action, such as alerting the in-house emergency response teams and emergency services and any other stakeholders or deploying the TU Delft crisis team. You can also call the TU Delft control room if you’re worried for your safety or that of someone else. Please note: If you call 112, your call will be directed to the regional control room of the police, ambulance service and fire service, and your report will not be passed to the TU Delft control room.