22 April 2018

New subscription! Campus Farm: Gardening

Do you want to become part of a community with others who share your love for gardening? With the new subscription Campus Farm: Gardening you can do so! With this subscription, you rent a (part of a) garden bed to transform it into your own vegetable garden for example. You decide what you grow, when you want to work in your garden and whether you do this on your own or together with friends/roommates. You have got the complete freedom to decide! Experience with gardening is not necessary.

22 April 2018

S&C will no longer register fingerprints for fitness subscriptions

By the end of April, S&C will no longer use the fingerprint registration system for the identification of fitness visitors. The reason for this decision is that S&C aims to provide an optimal user experience as well as protection of personal information. From now on, visitors of the Fitness can use the sports card to enter the Fitness.

19 April 2018

25/04: Fire alarm system Sport deactivated all day

Wednesday 25 April the fire alarm system and the evacuation system will be deactivated, because of the new systems being installed. The day before, the evacuation system will be tested by means of a loud alarm. Before the alarm will sounds, we'll state that we are testing the alarm system.

15 April 2018

New: WhatsApp for all your questions to S&C

Starting from Monday 16 April, you can contact S&C via WhatsApp with all your questions and remarks. In this manner, we’ll be able to serve you better, faster, more efficient and in a more personal way. Our WhatsApp number is: +31 (0)6 82 76 89 13.

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