Construction work announcements

31 July 2017

4 Aug - 13 Aug: construction work hallways Unit Sports

From 4 August 12:00 until 13 August, the hallways of the Unit Sports are getting a new casting floor. As a result, most of the hallways are unavailable. This has consequences for the routes to the sports facilities.

12 April 2017

Health and safety first!

Health and safety are very important at Sports & Culture. In places where people work out hard and play sports, good hygiene and the prevention of bacterial growth are of vital importance. Recently the new shower and changing rooms have been put into use at Sports & Culture. In the interest of preventing legionella, a pasteurization-system has been installed in the water installations; an innovative system that is used throughout the university.

22 March 2017

Special delivery package: 32 meter long beams of steel

At 5:30 am this morning, S&C received a special delivery package: 32 meter long beams of steel for our new sports hall!

07 March 2017

From outdoor pool to indoor changing room

We are standing in one of the new changing rooms. In the old situation, this space was an outdoor area between two existing buildings. Just before the summer the construction started. Shortly after that we had some heavy rain and the site looked more like a swimming pool than a construction site. Luckily it all worked out well in the end.

21 February 2017

Planning building process finalized until summer 2017

Despite the winter, construction work continues at Sports & Culture. The new planning of the building process, for the period of February until the Summer of 2017, has been finalized and made available.

Construction work in the picture