Space rental

We have a suitable location for every kind of meeting: a theatre auditorium, a studio, the Foyer, the Café, and many more rooms. Whether you have 5 people or 300, you are welcome for your workshop, brainstorm session, meeting, presentation or drinks reception.

Informal drinks reception

S&C has a number of locations suitable for your informal drinks reception or graduation party, and the Foyer is particularly suitable for this. The Foyer is also a great place to welcome your visitors to a meeting or for post-meeting drinks. If the weather is good, the Foyer courtyard can also be used.

Workshops & Events

You are also welcome at S&C to hire a room, pitch, track or field for a tournament, sports day, company outing or other event. Options range from simply hiring the accommodation, to a completely organised sports day with various workshops and a complete schedule of activities.

Ballet room

Theatre auditorium

Band room

Survival track

Impressions available locations