Subscriptions and Rates

As of 20 August, S&C introduces a single general subscription. One card for participation in all ticket hours, free attendance at virtually all events and – on an individual basis – free use of all new facilities! Please note: When ordering a subscription, you need to have a campus card and a valid proof of enrolment.

  • General subscription
    To attend ticket hours at S&C, a valid general subscription is required. With this, you have access to all ticket hours without limitation.
  • Fitness supplement 
    Would you like to use the fitness facilities? Then you can order your fitness subscription supplementary to your general subscription. Please note: In order to use the fitness, you will need a valid general subscription as well as the fitness supplement You can not use the fitness facilities without a valid general subscription.
  • Sports association subscription 
    For associations it is mandatory to buy an association sports subscription for the full duration of the academic year 2018 – 2019. Click on the button ‘Order your association sports subscription here’ in the right column. Please note: The sports association subscription offers you the same options as the regular general subscription.

The possibilities
The subscription offers many benefits and possibilities; view the full range below. A brief explanation:

  • free participation in all ticket hours,
  • free advice (walk-in consultation) from the specialists of Boost,
  • nearly all flexible activities offered without prior registration can be attended free of charge,
  • the reservation of equipment in the ACTlab, the use of the Campus Farm facilities, the use of the Freetown facilities, including a kitchen,
  • all forms of free practice.

Free practice sounds a bit vague; basically, it means that it is possible to, for example, play a game of basketball with friends, to grow strawberries in one of the garden plots of the Campus Farm or to play games in one of the new VR booths. Moreover, all practice rooms (except band rooms) can be booked if they are free; a separate culture subscription was previously required to use them. The culture subscription will disappear, just like the sports card.

Courses, projects & flexible activities
The courses and projects of the former Unit Sports and Unit Culture are not included in the subscription; they each have their own registration rate. You do not need a subscription to participate in these courses and projects. Flexible activities, such as events, can also be attended without a subscription. Sometimes flexible activities can be attended free of charge and sometimes they must be purchased. In many cases, non-subscribers pay more than those with a subscription.