Combining study with top-level sports: TU Delft makes it possible

TU Delft supports students who combine their studies with top-level sporting activities and invests in the development of talent in and outside the lecture halls.

Top-level sports and a degree programme both require 100% commitment. This means that it can be difficult to combine a normal curriculum with a top-level sports training programme. TU Delft’s top-level sports policy is aimed at preventing or limiting any possible delay in academic progress.

At the beginning of every academic year, an individual study plan is drawn up with each top-level athlete so that ambitions and expectations can be established or adjusted. During the course of their degree programme, top-level athletes can also consult the academic counsellors and the top-level sports coordinator for advice and guidance. Naturally, top-level athletes have access to the sports facilities at the Unit Sports. Moreover, each individual top-level athlete is considered for eligibility for financial support in the form of the Graduation Support Scheme and sponsorship.

Our top-level athletes

In the current academic year, TU Delft has around 50 students with top-level athlete status. In addition to up-and-coming talents, they include Dutch, European and World champions and Olympic athletes. Our top-level athletes represent a wide range of sports. Delft is known for its professional rowers, but also has top-level participants in fencing, judo, car racing and sailing.

Koen de Leeuw, accompanying triathlete

Highlight of January: Ismene Usman

From 9 until 16 December, the Youth Sailing World Championships 2017 took place in China; the most important event for sailors under the age of 19. Our top athlete Ismene Usman, student Molecular Science & Technology (MST), competed against the international competition in the class 29er, along with Svea Karsenbarg. The regatta of thirteen races lasted for a week, under difficult light wind conditions. Ismene got in second place on the third day. However, it was an tight race; it was neck and neck between the top 8 boats. All competitors still had a chance of winning the silver medal, which is very unusual. Unfortunately, Ismene did not manage to maintain her top three position. She finished in seventh place in the general classification. A somewhat disappointing result for Ismene. In spite of the result, Ismene looks back on an instructive and fun week. This was her last youth event and from now on she will compete at senior level. With a new boat, she hopes to join the Olympics eventually!

Top-level sports coordinator

Top-level athletes are welcome to contact top-level sports coordinator Olga Peters for advice and guidance. She can give constructive input on the best way to combine top-level sports and study. Olga is the permanent point of contact for top-level athletes; her responsibilities include requesting and allocating TU Delft top-level athlete status and the associated facilities. She also arranges intake, draws up teaching schedules, organises meetings and talks and holds interim consultations, all in close collaboration with the faculty academic counsellors.


If you have any questions or would like more information about the top-level athlete scheme or related matters, please contact Olga Peters via

Olga Peters

Applying for TU Delft top-level athlete status

You may be eligible for TU Delft top-level athlete status if you have an NOC*NSF status or a Den Haag Topsport registration:
1. Complete the top-level sports form;
2. Send it to Olga Peters via or hand it in at the Sports Desk for the attention of Olga Peters;
3. She will determine whether or not you are eligible for the TU Delft top-level sports scheme. If you are eligible she will make an appointment with you.