Aikido is a modern Japanese martial art which is characterised by smooth and circular movements. The origin of this sport lies in the ancient art of Samurai sword fighting. Aikido is all about disrupting your opponent’s balance, which allows you to defend and ultimately control attacks effectively using smooth and seemingly effortless movements. Body positioning, coordination and flexibility are more important than strength and weight, which means that anyone can practice Aikido.

At S&C, you’ll learn the different Aikido styles and techniques. The lesson always starts with a warming-up, which consists of stretching, breathing and footwork exercises, as well as practising how to roll and fall safely. Then you work through various exercises with a partner. This contact and interaction with a partner will gradually help you master the techniques and the physical and mental attitude of Aikido. You will also regularly practice with wooden swords, which will improve your perception of distances, lines and pivots.

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Martin Mühlenbrock

Martin obtained his black belt Aikido at the Aikido school in Aikikai, Japan. He is a CABN-recognized Aikido teacher and has been working at S&C.


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Practical information

All levels
Group lesson
Each lesson is 60 minutes

Wear an Aikido suit and a white belt. In the first lesson, you can wear long jogging bottoms and a t-shirt. If you continue with the lessons, you are expected to buy your own suit. You can ask the teacher for more information about this.