Pilates was developed by Joseph Pilates. He was convinced that we can use our mental capacity to control our muscles. He developed his principles of movement in the 1920s. He applied them first in a hospital and later in his own Pilates studio in New York. Pilates’ training methods became very popular with professional dancers and athletes in particular. Pilates died in 1967, but by that time many of his students had opened their own Pilates studios and were continuing his teaching.

During Pilates lessons you will work on developing a healthy posture and flexible muscles. Pilates consists of a series of flowing movements carried out while standing, sitting or lying on the ground. It is not a sport that involves running around all over the place. In all exercises you will use your abdominal muscles, lower back and pelvis as the ‘power house’ of your strength. In this way you train muscle control and coordination, as well as flexibility. The focus of the workout is on training the muscles that support the spinal column, so that your body is in balance.

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Iris Plukaard

Iris took several yoga courses among which a course about yoga for kids and a course to become a personal yoga coach. She has been working as a yoga teacher at different gyms, yoga studios and S&C since 2010. Furthermore, she opened up her own yoga studio in 2015.


Cindy Meijer

Cindy studied at the Academy for Physical Education. Furthermore, she followed various sports instructor courses like: a Step instructor course, a course Total Body Conditioning, Ground Control Pilates and Power Yoga. Since 1994 she works as a trainer for Aerobics, Tae Bo and Pilates.


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Practical information

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Each lesson is 60 minutes
Wear comfortable sports clothing that allows for movement. Pilates is practised in bare feet (but you can wear socks if you prefer to) so you do not need to bring gym shoes to the lessons. Remember to bring a towel and a bottle of water.