Running is the ultimate sport that you can put your heart and soul into, and there are many forms of training. You can train in the open air, run in a group or head out on your own if you want. You can also choose the distance you want to run. And there are many benefits from running: better condition, increased resistance to disease, and improved mood. Running is the number one way to work on your physical and your psychological health.

If you want to take part in this group lesson, some running experience is required. Participants vary in level and experience, from intermediate to advanced plus. There is room to work on your own running goals. For example, running a long distance or improving your personal record on 5, 10 or 21 kilometre. The lesson begins with warming-up exercises, stretching, core stability exercises and training in running styles, followed by the 'real' training as you get moving, and finishes with cooling down and more stretching exercises. You’ll receive a personal training schedule if you participate in the group lesson regularly.

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Jos Tóth

Jos Tóth is running since 1980 and provides training sessions since 2012. He completed a sports study (Athletic Union) and already gave training to students of the TU Delft in 2014 and 2017. Jos sees running as an integral experience; all aspects of running are addressed which will make you an allround runner, from new training forms, varying parcours to a large variation in exercises. Contact with the group and individual participant are essential to him.


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Each lesson is 90 minutes

It's important to wear running shoes to reduce the risk of injury. Wear comfortable sports clothes to keep you warm outdoors. Don't forget to wear reflective clothing and lights when running in the dark.