Your voice is a very special instrument that you always have with you. People have probably been making music with their voices since the beginning of humanity. The ancient Greeks had even developed methods to teach various singing techniques. The physical differences in vocal cords between men and women, for example, create a variety of vocal ranges such as soprano, tenor and baritone. Combining lyrics and music, singing is also a powerful way to convey emotions.

Singing can accompany various styles of music, including catchy pop songs.

In the first lesson if the individual course, the teacher will asses your level and discuss your personal goals with you. This information will be used to plan out the structure and content of your lessons. Technique is at the heart of this course; you will learn how to use your voice by working through various vocal exercises. You will also learn to sing several pop songs that suit your voice. Throughout the course you will work towards your end goal, such as performing at the Presentation Night at the end of each academic quarter. In the last lesson you will practice singing with a microphone.

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Annika Boxhoorn

Annika completed her study at Codarts Rotterdam with a major in Singing and two minors in Songwriting and education. Annika also works as a teacher Musical education at the conservatory of Rotterdam.

Jurith Schols

Jurith graduated from Codarts Rotterdam in 2004. In 2008 she completed an extra training in Complete Vocal Technique (CVT).  After multiple music projects, including her most recent bluegrass-band; The High and the Lonesome, Jurith now works in the studio on her album, which will appear in 2018.


TU Delft Student€ 123.00
TU Delft Employees€ 221.40
Other€ 246.00

You don’t need a sports subscription to join this course. 

Practical information

All levels
Individual course
7 lessons
Each lesson is 30 minutes
It’s a good idea to take a folder to these lessons so you can keep track of your development and sheet music.