Why collaborate with WaterLab?

WaterLab wants to shape a connnection between citizens and institutions or companies to solve a question or problem. The input of citizens can raise new questions or angles. In addition, citizen science is a good way to involve children and adults in science and technology, and a good way to demonstrate and test new technologies.

WaterLab helps and supports people or institutions with a question to connect to a bigger audience. We support in finding a suitable target group, enlarging the publicity and societal support, and by setting up and managing a community. We can help with developing communicational and educational tools and by finding space for hosting workshops or organizing meetings with participants. We can also facilitate in data-collection and (online) data visualization by means of online data forms and interactive maps. We do all of this on a non-profit basis.

In this pdf you can find more information about how we set up our projects and what types of collaborations we have to offer.

The first step we often take is to make an inventarisation of the project. What is the project about and what does it need to be a success? We do this by means of our Standard Inventarisation Project (pdf). Have a look at it to get some inspiration or to further elaborate on your project idea.

Do you want more information or to collaborate with WaterLab? Contact as via waterlab-sc@tudelft.nl. We will answer you as soon as possible to discuss further steps.