Do you or does your organisation want to collaborate with us to improve the water quality in Europe? For the second time, Drinkable Rivers will monitor the water quality in rivers, this time  with citizens from all over Europe. To engage as many citizen scientists as we can, we need help!

What do we need?

We have a manual, measurement tools and a data infrastructure ready-to-go. Now all we need is people to help us spread the word ánd the material. We need hubs in Europe that can receive measurement tools and want to distribute this among their community, so that everyone who would like to can join. 

You can become a hub by simply contacting . As a hub you will receive research tools and communication materials. We will feature you on our website and planned events as a distribution point. But most of all: you will be part of a movement for better water quality in Europe!

You can find all the info here. For more info about the research itself, we invite you to look at the website of Drinkable Rivers. Contact:

Drinkable Rivers and citizen science

Citizen science is a way of doing research that involves non-scientists in scientific research. It show its worth, especially in local ecology (quality, diversity) and the awareness to involve local citizens to “keep an eye” on their environment. Measuring the water quality near you, can be an encouragement to think about the way you live, how society influences the water and what we can do to take care of it and to take it to a healthy state.

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