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i-Tree 2.0-NL: urban trees for bio-resilient cities

Congratulations to IDE’s Assistant Professor of Transition Design, Rebecca Price. Together with René van der Velde from the Faculty of…

TU Delft Mobility|Society Initiative kicks off with online workshop

The way we have designed society's mobility options are hurting the planet and us. Just look at traffic jams, pollution, and the inequality…

Colloquium: Wouter Doppenberg (Space Flight)

Autonomous Lunar Orbit Navigation With Ellipse R-CNN

Colloquium: Stijn Rovers (Space Flight)

OPAL: A Stereo Vision Obstacle Processing ALgorithm for a Walking Lunar Rover

Colloquium: Wout Frijters (FPP)

Wingtip-mounted propellers installed at a yawed incidence angle, a numerical investigation

Venus orbiter EnVision selected as new ESA mission

The European Space Agency (ESA) has selected the Venus orbiter EnVision as the fifth medium-class mission within its Cosmic Vision program.…

Colloquium: Stef Ceelen (C&O)

An optically motivated machine learning speed control model for curved roads

Colloquium: Arthur Pieter Reijns (C&O)

Aircraft Maintenance Scheduling Using Engine Sensor Data

Enabling peer-to-peer energy trading by leveraging prosumer analytics

Small energy actors –especially small businesses and residential end-users– with distributed energy generation and storage units connected…

Game theoretic Control for Complex Systems of Systems

Modern society is based on large-scale, interconnected, complex infrastructures, e.g. power, transportation and communication systems, with…