Hydro row


The project ā€˜optimizing propulsionā€™ is a collaboration of (among others)  the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, the TU Delft and the TU Eindhoven, the KNRB and the KNZB and financed by STW. The goal of this project is to optimize propulsion in swimming and rowing by getting more insight in the power equation of rowers and swimmers and to provide athletes and coaches with real-time feedback on power parameters. In this project the VU will especially focus on the optimal trade-off of maximizing mechanical power output and minimizing power losses and the development of innovative feedback tools in rowing, while the TU Eindhoven will do the same for swimming. The TU Delft will  try to get more insight in water flows around the blades in rowing and the hand in swimming.


Contact: Ernst Jan Grift: E.J.Grift@tudelft.nl