Profit Fieldlab

Promoting Sports & Play, Sports Infrastructures


“Human centred product development & interactive technology design”

The local authorities in Delft want to get the residents of Delft to be more active, to get more physical exercise and play more sports. To encourage this, the local council and TU Delft have put their heads together to develop products and services for interactive facilities. And it is not just TU Delft who is working on this: user groups and executive organisations are also closely involved in the project.

Other success factors are the neighbourhood-oriented approach, the flexibility of the service provision, and the creativity and design talents of the TU Delft Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering. Now it is time to export the successes.

In cooperation with the Sports & Technology foundation, the InnosportLab Sport and Beweeg!, a project proposal has been submitted for European cooperation. Its title is ‘PRO-FIT: Fieldlab Sport Innovation and Stimulation’. The aim is to achieve cooperation in the field of sports and exercise between knowledge institutes, businesses and authorities in other urban areas. Hopefully cooperation between cities will lead to many more innovative concepts, products and services.

Partners:  Stichting Sports & Technology, Gemeente Delft, Sheffield Hallam University, University of Ulster, TU/e, Gemeente Eindhoven, Sheffield City Council, Stad Kortrijk.

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