A.A.A. (Abdullah) Aldakheelallah MSc

A.A.A. (Abdullah) Aldakheelallah MSc



Abdullah Aldakheelallah is an architect and building scientist, currently, he is a PhD candidate at the Urbanism department in The Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment at TU Delft. Abdulla is a member of the Environmental Technology and Design section in the Urbanism department. 
In his PhD, Abdullah is interested in identifying mitigation strategies for the induced urban heat in the existing urban settings in urban deserts. The main goal of his study is to investigate the relationship between outdoor thermal comfort and pedestrian walkability likelihood on the neighborhood scale. Specifically examines the extents of network science, and the use of the graph measures theories to understand the relationships between components in the built environment and how they could be linked to the outdoor thermal comfort and the aspect of social, economic, and health on the urban scale. Linking the space syntax accessibility theories and techniques to the and thermal comfort vulnerability to identify the necessary and possible heat mitigation strategies in the existing urban realm. 
Abdullah has a building science and urban climate background and received his Master of Architecture & Master of Science in Built Environment degrees from Arizona State University, USA in 2020. In March 2019, Abdullah joined the SHaDE Lab research group at ASU as Research Assistant directed by Assistant Professor. Ariane Middel, working on Energy modeling, Atmospheric Microclimate modeling, field measurements, and data collection and analysis.
In 2014, Abdullah received a Bachelor of Architecture degree from King Saud University, where he is working as a faculty member and funded with a full scholarship for his higher degrees. 

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