A.C. (Alexandra) den Heijer

A.C. (Alexandra) den Heijer


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Alexandra den Heijer, MSc PhD is full professor (chair Public Real Estate) at the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment, Delft University of Technology (TU Delft). She has a background in Architecture (BSc) and Management (MSc). Her specialisation is planning, design and management of university campuses and buildings. She focuses on generating management information for real estate decisions. In the past decade she has developed models and theories that help universities to design and implement their campus strategies and that contribute to creating knowledge cities. All Dutch universities have supported her research from the start.

Alexandra: "My mission is to support universities' and other organisations’ decisions about (managing) their public real estate portfolios, resulting in (more) inspiring, meaningful, functional, affordable, resource-efficient and sustainable built environments."

Keywords: campus,  university buildings,  higher education,  real estate,  management information

Apart from the Dutch situation she has explored international references and has written many reports, articles and papers on the university and campus of the future, trends and changing concepts and campus strategies. After the fire that destroyed the building of the Faculty of Architecture in 2008 – including Alexandra’s workplace – she could put her theories to the test as member of the team that created a new home (“BK city”) for students and staff in a cultural heritage building, in an extremely tight time frame. Alexandra operates in an extensive network of national and international campus management experts – both in academia and in practice.

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