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Dr Aksel Ersoy is an Assistant Professor in Urban Development Management (UDM) at Delft University of Technology, Faculty of Architecture, Department of Management in the Built Environment. He is interested in understanding the complex relationship between social and economic transformations taking place in developing economies, metropolitan cities and the built environment.

His research experience has benefitted from a combination of theories and approaches in the discipline of planning, geography and beyond. His PhD thesis explored two sets of theories on local economic growth, i.e. the endogenous growth theory of the economists and the institutional theories of economic geographers and sociology. Later on he became interested in STS literature, in particular, coproduction of knowledge in cities and the role of communities. Recently, his interest has shifted towards the governance of ‘the smart city’, urban resilience, urban infrastructure and the circular economy.

Some of the questions he currently explores include:

  • How can citizens’ experience in the smart city discussions contribute to the making of urban space, urban services and urban experience?;
  • How do people experience the Big and Open Linked Data (BOLD) city?;
  • How can people contribute to social innovation in cities?;
  • How can resilience thinking help us define the impacts of interactive relations, interfaces and arrangements amongst the components of the urban systems?; and
  • How will ‘resilience thinking’ help us think about the concept interdependency between different infrastructure domains?

Google Scholar: Aksel Ersoy

Twitter:  @AkselErsoy

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/aksel-ersoy-2b929927/

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2018 - Urban Environments and Infrastructures
2018 - Urban Environments and Infrastructures
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