A.L. (Antonella) Piaggio MSc

A.L. (Antonella) Piaggio MSc



Hello, I am Antonella. I completed my bachelor degree at Uruguay, where I graduated in Civil Engineering, with majors in Enviormental Science and Hydraulics. I worked for the Uruguayan government developing "Water in cities Master planning" with a multi-disciplinary team, and creating and analizing flood risk assessments (https://www.gub.uy/ministerio-ambiente/comunicacion/publicaciones/planes-aguas-urbanas-uruguay-ciudad-salto). After 5 years, I decided to come to the Netherlands to do have a broader knowledge on Enviormental Science. I completed my MSc in Enviromental Science (major in Sanitary Engineering) at IHE-Delft. I am currently doing my PhD at the Water Management Department of TU Delft.  


My PhD is framed as part of the LOTUSHR project, LOcal Treatment of Urban Sewage for Healthy Reuse (https://lotushr.org/). The project has a holistic water management approach for recovery of water, energy and nutrients of the Barapullah drain, located in New Delhi. My main research focus is on Anaerobic Digestion (AnMBR), Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) systems, microbubbles and micro-aeration of anaerobic digestion.  

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