Dr. A. Menicucci

Dr. A. Menicucci


Key publications

1) Di Mascio, S., Menicucci, A., Gill, E., Furano, G., Monteleone, C. "Open-source IP cores for space: A processor-level perspective on soft errors in the RISC-V era" (2021) Computer Science Review, 39, art. no. 100349. 2) Di Mascio, S., Menicucci, A., Gill, E., Furano, G., Monteleone, C. "On-board decision making in space with deep neural networks and risc-v vector processors" (2021) Journal of Aerospace Information Systems, 18 (8), pp. 553-570. 3) Bouwmeester, J., Radu, S., Uludag, M.S., Chronas, N., Speretta, S., Menicucci, A., Gill, E.K.A. "Utility and constraints of PocketQubes" (2020) CEAS Space Journal, 12 (4), pp. 573-586. 4) Cappellone, D., Di Mascio, S., Furano, G., Menicucci, A., Ottavi, M. "On-Board Satellite Telemetry Forecasting with RNN on RISC-V Based Multicore Processor" (2020) 33rd IEEE International Symposium on Defect and Fault Tolerance in VLSI and Nanotechnology Systems, DFT 2020, art. no. 9250796. 5) Cervone, A., Topputo, F., Speretta, S., Menicucci, A., Biggs, J., Di Lizia, P., Massari, M., Franzese, V., Giordano, C., Merisio, G., Labate, D., Pilato, G., Taiti, A., Bertels, E., Bosman, B., Woroniak, K., Rotteveel, J., Thorvaldsen, A., Kukharenka, A., Prieur, N., Vennekens, J., Walker, R. "Phase a design of the LUMIO spacecraft: A cubesat for observing and characterizing micro-meteoroid impacts on the lunar far side" (2020) Proceedings of the International Astronautical Congress, IAC, 2020-October. 6) Di Mascio, S., Menicucci, A., Gill, E., Furano, G., Monteleone, C. "On the criticality of caches in fault-tolerant processors for space" (2019) 2019 IEEE International Symposium on Defect and Fault Tolerance in VLSI and Nanotechnology Systems, DFT 2019, art. no. 8875424, . 7) Di Capua, F., Campajola, L., Casolaro, P., Campajola, M., Aloisio, A., Lucaroni, A., Furano, G., Menicucci, A., Di Mascio, S., Malatesta, F., Ottavi, M. "Full characterization of a compact 90 Sr/ 90 Y beta source for TID radiation testing" (2019) Advances in Space Research, 63 (10), pp. 3249-3257. 8) Di Mascio, S., Menicucci, A., Furano, G., Monteleone, C., Ottavi, M. "The case for RISC-V in space" (2019) Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering", 550 (9783030119720), pp. 319-325. 9) Menicucci, A., Malatesta, F., Di Capua, F., Campajola, L., Casolaro, P., Furano, G., Di Mascio, S., Ottavi, M. "Simplified Procedures for COTS TID Testing: A Comparison between 90Sr and 60Co" (2018) 2018 IEEE Nuclear and Space Radiation Effects Conference, NSREC 2018, art. no. 8584279. 10) Di Mascio, S., Menicucci, A., Furano, G., Szewczyk, T., Campajola, L., Di Capua, F., Lucaroni, A., Ottavi, M. "Towards defining a simplified procedure for COTS system-on-chip TID testing" (2018) Nuclear Engineering and Technology, 50 (8), pp. 1298-1305. 11) Giraudo, M., Schuy, C., Weber, U., Rovituso, M., Santin, G., Norbury, J.W., Tracino, E., Menicucci, A., Bocchini, L., Lobascio, C., Durante, M., Tessa, C.L. "Accelerator-Based Tests of Shielding Effectiveness of Different Materials and Multilayers using High-Energy Light and Heavy Ions" (2018) Radiation Research, 190 (5), pp. 526-537. 12) Vakaet, C., Menicucci, A. "CubeSat constellation deployment strategies" (2018) Advances in the Astronautical Sciences, 163, pp. 413-419. 13) Arruda, L., Gonçalves, P., Sandberg, I., Giamini, S.A., Daglis, I.A., Marques, A., Pinto, J.C., Aguilar, A., Marinho, P., Sousa, T., Evans, H., Jiggens, P., Menicucci, A., Nieminen, P. "SEP protons in GEO measured with the ESA MultiFunctional spectrometer" (2017) Proceedings of the European Conference on Radiation and its Effects on Components and Systems, RADECS, 2016-September, pp. 1-4. 14) Furano, G., Menicucci, A. "Roadmap for on-board processing and data handling systems in space" (2017) Dependable Multicore Architectures at Nanoscale, pp. 253-281.


Dr. Alessandra Menicucci graduated in 2000 with a Laurea degree in experimental particle physics from the University of Rome La Sapienza. She carried out her thesis at the National Laboratory of Frascati where she worked on the data analysis of the KLOE experiment, at the Daphne accelerator. In 2004 she received a PhD in Physics from the University of Rome “Tor Vergata” working on the data acquisition system for the space-borne experiment PAMELA, dedicated to the detection of antimatter in cosmic rays. In 2005 she was granted a Marie-Curie post-doc fellow at AGFA Gevaert where she developed the simulation for X-ray health diagnostic systems. In 2006 she joined the European Space Agency (ESTEC) in the Space Environment and Effects section where she was lead several radiation monitor R&D developments and supported numerous ESA missions in the radiation analysis. Since 2015 she is tenured assistant professor at the faculty of Aerospace Engineering of the Delft University of Technology, in the Space System Engineering section. Her research interest focuses on the development of miniaturized radiation sensors which can be distributed on-board of micro-satellites and on the radiation tolerance assurance of COTS. She is the project manager of the Delfi Space Program.

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