Dr. B. (Bilge) Atasoy

Dr. B. (Bilge) Atasoy



Research Interests

  • Choice-based optimization models for transportation 
  • Integrating preferences of users (shippers, carriers, passengers etc.) into decision making models
  • Prediction-based optimization 
  • Stochastic and dynamic vehicle routing models 
  • Intermodal freight transportation: coordination between several players (operators, freight forwarders etc.) and machines (vessels, vehicles, equipments etc.)
  • Robustness towards uncertainty in supply, demand, and operation of the (automated) equipments, vehicles, vessels etc. 


Bilge is an associate professor in the Department of Maritime and Transport Technology, Transport Engineering and Logistics section. She joined TU Delft in 2018 and her research is in the intersection of optimization, behavioral models and learning algorithms for reaching adaptive transport and logistics systems. In the area of optimization, she contributes with dynamic and predictive models where the decisions can be adapted with new information received by the system. On the behavioral side, she focuses on heterogeneity in the population in order to represent the real decision making process more accurately. She incorporates learning algorithms to support both the optimization and the behavioral models to be able to adapt the models based on the learning of underlying problem characteristics as well as the preferences of decision makers. She applies these methodologies in a wide range of transport applications including freight transportation, inland waterways and mobility systems.  
Prior to joining TU Delft, Bilge worked first as a postdoctoral associate and then as a research scientist at MIT, with Prof. Moshe Ben-Akiva in the ITS Lab. She managed research projects in the areas of real-time optimization, travel behavior and choice-based optimization. She received her PhD from EPFL in 2013 where she was working with Prof. Michel Bierlaire. Her major is in Industrial Engineering with BSc and MSc degrees from Bogazici University, Istanbul in 2007 and 2009 respectively. 

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