C. Forgaci

C. Forgaci


Claudiu Forgaci is an Assistant Professor of Urban Design at TU Delft, engaged in understanding how urban transformations, at multiple spatial and temporal scales, are related to social-ecological resilience. In his research, teaching and practice, he combines urban design and planning, landscape architecture and architecture in a multi-scalar and social-ecological approach to urbanism. He develops methods, techniques, and instruments for the spatial assessment, planning and design of urban spaces as well as spatial applications of green and blue infrastructure solutions, nature-based solutions, and other spatial applications of urban resilience. In his recent work, he has developed principles and instruments for the social-ecologically integrated design of riverside urban spaces.

As a member of the 4TU Centre for Resilience Engineering (4TU.RE), he emphasises the proactive role of urban design in anticipating acute shocks and chronic stresses. With his interest in design-driven research methodologies and design principles for social-ecological resilience in cities, he provides knowledge and practical support on spatial design for urban resilience in the 4TU.RE community. He works closely with professionals and academics from several disciplines, with the ambition of developing an effective transdisciplinary practice of social-ecological urban resilience.

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Research interests

urban resilience, climate change adaptation, social-ecological integration, urban river corridors, spatial morphology, spatial big data, design-driven research, mixed-methods research, transdisciplinarity

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