Dr. C. (Kees) Maat

Dr. C. (Kees) Maat



Kees Maat is an associate professor at the Transport & Planning department of the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences, Delft University of Technology. Until mid-2019 he worked at the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment, as head of the Urban and Regional Development section. He was also connected to the Transport and Logistics department of the faculty TPM. He holds a Master's degree in Human Geography from Utrecht University and a PhD degree from the Delft University of Technology. Previously he worked at the Province of Zuid-Holland in The Hague and at Inro-TNO in Delft. He teaches spatial and transport subjects, and supervises BSc/MSc-students and PhD-candidates. Furthermore, he is staff member at TRAIL research school, cluster leader Built Environment and Transport at the TU Delft  Transport Institute, member of the editorial advisory board of the Journal of Transport and Land Use, received multiple grants from The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research NWO (in 2018: Surf) and serves in NWO review committees. He organized the Symposium of the World Society on Transport and Land Use Research, and summer schools for the national government and TRAIL. 


His research is concerned with the study of the built environment and travel behaviour, particularly the relationship between them. Recent and current research deals with transit-oriented development, car ownership and use, cycling, and the influence of technology, such as electric mobility and online shopping. He focuses increasingly on GPS-based data analysis and longitudinal studies to explore travel behaviour.   
See  Scopus for most of his peer-reviewed journal articles.

PhD students

Tessa Leferink, Mobility transitions in housing developments

Mehrnaz Zargarzadeh, Sustainable neighbourhoods - Accessibility to Activities versus Personal Mobility Alternatives

Hong Yan, Cycling speed and route choice

Paul van der Coevering, The impact of time on the relationship between travel behaviour and the built environment (2021)

Dena Kasraian Moghaddam, Transport Networks, Land Use and Travel Behaviour: a Long Term Investigation (2017)

Will Sierzchula, Development and Early Adaption of Electric Vehicles (2015)

Eva Heinen, Bicycle commuting (2011)

Wendy Bohte, Residential self-selection and travel: The relationship between travel-related attitudes, built environment characteristics and travel behaviour (2010)

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