C.S. (Christiaan) Engelbrecht

C.S. (Christiaan) Engelbrecht



  • Insulation Coordination 
  • Lightning 
  • Earthing  
  • Insulators 
  • Overhead lines 
  • Surge arresters


  • IEC 1906 (2013)
  • CigrĂ© Technical Committee Awards for study committee C4 (2010) 


Christiaan Engelbrecht is a Fellow ESE at the TU Delft and an associate consultant at DNV.  At the TU he focuses on the research in the field of high-capacity transmission concepts and its associated materials and components.  This includes the following aspects: 

  1. Insulation coordination for Hybrid, AC and DC systems 
  2. The dielectric strength of compact insulation systems 
  3. Insulation stresses in hybrid transmission systems
Besides his function at DNV, Chris is also affiliated with the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) in the USA as associate researcher and subject matter expert dealing with Lightning & grounding, as well as surge arresters and insulators.   
Chris has been convener of CIGRÉ Working Groups C4 303 “Pollution and Environmental Influence on the Electrical Performance of Power Systems”, and C4 23 “Guide to Procedures for Estimating the Lightning Performance of Transmission Lines". He is also a member of IEC TC36 WG 11, which deals with the revision of IEC 60815  “Selection and Dimensioning of High-Voltage Insulators for Polluted Conditions” and CIGRÉ Working Groups C4.73: "Insulation coordination of HVDC overhead lines" and C4.66 "New concept for analysis of multiphase back-flashover phenomena of overhead transmission lines due to lightning".  On a national level Chris is member of the Dutch National Standards commission NEN 11/26 "High-Voltage lines and Insulators"

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