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Ceren Sezer is an urban designer and urban planner. She has an MA in Architecture from Istanbul Technical University in Turkey. After working as an architect for designing and execution of commercial offices in Turkey, Cyprus and the UK, she is awarded a bursary to study in Delft University of Technology. Since then she works as a guest researcher and a teacher at the TU Delft. Her research focuses on  liveability and sustainability of public spaces; urban form and social life in the city, urban regeneration and renewal processes; spatial practices of migrant communities; and environment-behaviour studies. Her presentation on urban transformation processes in Istanbul was awarded the first prize by Routledge during the UN Habitat - ISOCARP Joint Congress in Nairobi in 2010. To enhance her experience in practice, Ceren began to work as a freelance urban designer and planner (Urban4) in 2010.  She worked as an expert and curator for the Netherlands Architecture Institute (NAI), International Rotterdam Biennale of Architecture and Public Space Biennale in Roma. Ceren is a co-founder of an international research and design network  Public Spaces and Urban Cultures established under the Association of European Schools of Planning (AESOP). She took part in the scientific committee of the Group’s annual conferences, coordinated international meetings and organized workshops in Helsinki, Vienna, Ankara, Bucharest, Istanbul, Utrecht, Glasgow, Ljubljana, Lisbon, Beirut, Nicosia and Amsterdam.

Teaching experience

2019 - 2014: Tutor, BK2AC1 Academische Vaardigheden 1 Bouwkunde als Wetenschappelijke Discipline (Academic writing) (Q4) – TU Delft.

2018 September: Lecturer, TU Delft, Elective course ‘City, Migration and Socio-Spatial Inequality’.

2017 - 2014: Urban design tutor, AR1U100 R&D Studio: Socio-Spatial Processes in the City (Q2) – TU Delft.

2017 April: Lecturer, Leiden University, Global Course for Research MA and PhD students,Mixed methods in the social sciences and the humanities.

2016 May: Urban design tutor, Notre Dame University, Louaize, Beirut, Lebanon – Bachelor – Urban design studio.

2017 - 2015: Lecturer, Interdisciplinary Social Sciences, Age&City&Work - University of Amsterdam.

2015 - 2014: Lecturer, Gerrit Rietveld Academy / Sandberg Institute Amsterdam.

2013 - 2011: Urban design tutor, BKc3 Stad and woninggebouw –TU Delft.

2008 - 2005: Urban theory tutor, Urban Body- Master Course, TU Delft.

Research outputs

Academic articles

-       Sezer, C. (2018): ‘Public life, immigrant amenities and social inclusion'. Journal of Urban design. 23(6), pp.823-842. 

-       Niksic, M and Sezer, C. (2017): ‘ Public Spaces and urban justice’. Built Environment. 43(2), pp.165-173.

-       Sezer, C. and Fernandez Maldonado A.M.(2017): ‘ Public Spaces and cultural visibility’. Built Environment. 43(2), pp.193-214.

-       Knierbein, S and Sezer, C. (2015): ‘Public Spaces and Urban Cultures’. The Planning Review (DisP), 51(2), pp.80-87.

-       Janssens, F and Sezer, C. (2013): ‘Flying Markets’ Activating Public Spaces in Amsterdam. Built Environment, 39 (2), pp. 245–261.

-       Janssens, F. and Sezer, C. (2013): Marketplaces as an Urban Development Strategy. Built Environment, 39 (2), pp. 165–316.

Book chapters

-   Sezer, C. (2018) Visibility of Turkish amenities, Immigrant integration and social cohesion in Amsterdam, In Aelbrecht, P. and Stevens, Q. (Eds), Public Space Design and Social Cohesion: an International Comparison, (pp 220-242), London, New York: Routledge.

-   Janssens, F. and Sezer, C. (2012) Kansen voor een nieuw Food Center: Een Nieuwe ‘Plek’ voor de buurt en de stad, In F. Janssens (Ed), Food Center Amsterdam. (pp. 91-97) Amsterdam: University of Amsterdam Press. 

-    Sezer, C (2006). Urban space as generator of distinctive urban cultures. An introduction to a research project on analysis of ecologies of urban communities. In PA Healy & GJB Bruyns (Eds.), De-/signing the urban. Technogenesis and the urban image (pp. 254-271). Rotterdam: 010 Publishers. 

-    Sezer, C (2005). Resistance places. In H Bekkering, D Hauptmann, H de Jonge, H van Veldhuizen, & H Wanders (Eds.), The architecture annual 2003 - 2004 (pp. 190-192). Rotterdam: 010 Publishers.

Edited volumes

- Sezer, C (ed) forthcoming: The Politics of Visibility in Public Space. Space and Culture (Sage Publishers).

-       Niksic, M and Sezer,C. (eds)(2017): Public Spaces and Urban Justice. Built Environment. Alexandrine Press. 43(2).

-       Janssens, F. and Sezer, C. (eds.) (2013): Marketplaces as an Urban Development Strategy. Built Environment, 39(2).

-       Sezer, C. and Pinzon Cortes, Camila eds. (2010) Betonart, September,  Market places, Betonart – Turkish Architectural Magazine, Turkey.

Book review

-       Sezer, C. (2019): Aimi Hamraie, Building Access, Universal Design and the Politics of Disability, Minneapolis, London: University of Minnesota, 2017; 333pp. :9781517901646. Built Environment.    

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(Research and Design)

PhD research (forthcoming): Visibility,  democratic public space and socially inclusive cities: the presence and changes of Turkish amenities in Amsterdam (TU Delft) 

2013-2014:Pop up markets in Amsterdam (Client: Municipality Amsterdam East)

2012 August:Marketplace design for Arnavutkoy Istanbul (Client: Arnavutkoy Municipality)

2012 July:Housing project in Samsun Turkey (Client: Developer Kaya Construction)

2012 March:Transformation of Food wholesale market area in Amasya, Turkey (Client:Amasya Municipality)

2012 March:Conceptual vision for Future of Samsun Metropolitan Region, Turkey (Client: Samsun Metropolitan Municipality)

2010 September:Development strategy for Kibera Nairobi, Kenya (Client:ISOCARP, UN Habitat)

2008 March:Just Jerusalem 2050 – Urban design competition (Organized by MIT, USA): The Wall as productive urban feature

2007 February:Research ‘Visualizing the Invisible’ (Amsterdam, Red Light District), (TU Delft)

2002 - 2004:Master thesis: Resistance places, case immigrant neighborhoods in Istanbul (TUDelft)

2000 - 2002:Design and implementation of a single family house in Samsun, Turkey (Private client)

2000 September:The Martin Luther King, Jr. National Memorial Project Competition (Organised by Martin Luther King Foundation, Washington, USA)

2000 May:Sapporo International Design Competition, Theme: “Planning a city of Dreams, Designs for Sapporo” (Organized by Sapporo Municipal Government, Japan.) 

1998 - 2002:Design and implementation of twenty commercial offices of ING Bank in Turkey. 

Research activities

2019 July: Track chair - AESOP Annual Congress, Venice (Host: Università Iuav di Venezia).

2018 Oct: Invited speaker, 'Public life, immigrant amenities and socio-cultural inclusion' National University of Singapore. 

2018 Oct: Invited speaker, 'The Demise of a Just City?' ETH Zurich Future Cities Lab.

2018 Oct: Track chair and Scientific Committee member - City street3 conference (Host: Notre Dame University, Louaize, Beirut, Lebanon.

2018 May: Co-organiser, "The urbanisation of (in)justice", Nicosia, Cyprus (Host: University of Cyprus).

2017 Dec: External jury member for the Open Round programme of Wageningen School of Social Sciences (WASS), the Netherlands.

2017 Oct: Invited speaker, Placemaking Week Amsterdam, Project for Public Spaces (PPS) and the City of Amsterdam, Pakhuis de Zwijger, Amsterdam. 

2017 May: Invited external jury, Graduation projects, Faculty of Architecture (Host: Notre Dame University, Louaize, Beirut, Lebanon).

2016 November: Co-organizer, City street 2 Conference, International student workshop (Host: Notre Dame University, Louaize, Beirut, Lebanon)

2016 November: Track chair and Scientific Committee member - City street2 conference (Host: Notre Dame University, Louaize, Beirut, Lebanon

2016 October: Jury (Competition) and moderator, Future cities 2061, Urbanisms & Landscape Week, TU Delft

2016 September: Invited speaker, Migrinter – CNRS / Université de Poitiers

2016 May:Invited speaker, Notre Dame University, Louaize, Beirut, Lebanon

2015 September:Scientific committee member, CITTA 8th Annual conference on planning research, Porto, Portugal 

2015 June:Co-organizer, Conference and Workshop, Becoming Local Glasgow (Host: University of Glasgow United Kingdom)

2015 May:Co-organizer, Workshop, Marketplaces as Urban Development Strategies (Host: Public Space Biennale Roma) 

2015 April:Discussant, Markets as barometer of urban place (Host: University of Amsterdam, Center for Urban Studies):

2014 May-August:Adviser, IABR, International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam

2011 June: Organizer (Netherlands Architectuur Instituut, NAI Rotterdam) Ecology and Urban Growth: Design and Governance Challenges, Turkey and the Netherlands:

2010 December:Organizer (Netherlands Architectuur Instituut, NAI Rotterdam) Resident Participation in Urban Renewal, Istanbul and Amsterdam.

2010 September:  Participant ISOCARP + UN Habitat Slum Upgrading Program, Nairobi, Kenya.

Administrative responsibilities

2014 - 2010: Founder and coordinator of AESOP (The Association of European Schools of Planning) Thematic group,Public Spaces and Urban Cultures.

2010 - 2008: Chair, Association of European Schools of Planning / Young Academics Network

2010 - 2008: Member Executive Board, The Association of European Schools of Planning

2002 - 1998: Project manager, ING Bank Turkey, Istanbul Headquarters, Department of Architecture.


2015: Event Sponsorship, Dutch Embassy Rome, for the Roma Public Space Biennale.

2011: Event Sponsorship, Dutch Embassy Istanbul, for the NAI Debates on Tour meeting.

2010: Event Sponsorship, Dutch Embassy Istanbul, for the NAI Debates on Tour meeting.

2010: The Routledge Poster Prize for the best poster, First Prize, Nairobi - UN Habitat.

2010: Travelling Grant for UN Habitat & ISOCARP Nairobi Workshop.

2010: Travelling Grant for Helsinki Conference, AESOP.

2002-2004: Scholarship for Master Study in Abroad, Turkish Petrol Foundation, Istanbul. 

Publications in Pure
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