Dr.ir. D.L. Schott

Dr.ir. D.L. Schott



Dr.ir. Dingena Schott  ( Dept. of Maritime and Transport Technology) is associate professor at Delft University of Technology on transport and logistics. She obtained her PhD in 2004 from Delft University of Technology on the homogenisation of bulk materials in mammoth silos. She is fascinated by the complex behaviour of granular materials and the interaction with equipment operating in a logistic context. In 2007 she started the DEMlab@TUDelft to characterize, model, calibrate and validate granular materials for enabling simulation supported design for cargo handling equipment on an industrial scale. Since then she has worked on developing calibration frameworks, and modelling particle based systems in various design contexts; including terminal designs for particulate materials, as well as an award winning new grab design. Her main research interests include: machine-cargo interfaces, simulation supported design, biomass materials and energy transition driven handling and logistics. 


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